SNPA Newfood:Helping a food catering company adjust its business model after COVID-19

Assistance to enterprises / Articles / 20-07-2022

SNPA Newfood is an agribusiness in Sfax that produces and caters ready-made meals. Founded by young entrepreneur Malek Fakhfakh in 2016, the company supplies meals to companies, clinics, and private schools.

While the company had solid food safety management practices in place, its buyers requested that it implement a new management system to ensure its products’ safety and quality. USAID Tunisia JOBS helped the company implement an internationally certified quality management system to meet buyers’ requirements


Amin Gargouri, the company’s operations director, spoke highly of the new management system, saying it “allowed us to master and control the production process, improve performance, and optimize resources.”

JOBS also worked with SNPA Newfood to improve its commercial strategy, including by upgrading its packaging for new potential buyers, such as petroleum platforms and airlines.


However, SNPA Newfood encountered new challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Due to government-imposed restrictions during the health crisis, SNPA Newfood had to shut down temporarily in March 2020 and could not meet orders to its regular buyers, such as large factories and schools, dealing a blow to its finances. After SNPA Newfood reopened, it needed to shift its strategy to keep up with market demand, so it began producing and packaging ready-made salads, starters, meals, snacks, and desserts in thermal trays to be sold at new direct points of sale and cafeterias. This enabled SNPA Newfood to offer catering solutions to larger companies like German automotive supplier Draxelmaier, as well as clinics and hospitals.


To support these efforts, JOBS awarded SNPA Newfood a grant to purchase machinery and equipment for a new direct point of sale near Tunis, as well as a food gas injection extension for its packaging machine so that it could increase the shelf life of its products.

SNPAWith JOBS’ support, SNPA Newfood has sustained 32 jobs, created 50 new jobs, and increased sales.


“I feel optimistic due to JOBS’ support. SNPA Newfood New Food is my second family and I am committed to its success,”
Asawir Rekik
Quality manager – SNPA Newfood


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