COVID-19 Response / Articles / 15-09-2022

Moknine is one of Tunisia’s few remaining centers of artisanal pottery. I learned this labor-intensive craft at a young age and grew to love it. I plan to share this passion with my own children.

All the models pictured behind me I created with my own hands.

Since I took over my grandfather's factory in 2002, I have aimed high and worked hard to diversify my products and expand to new markets. This has kept me ahead of my competitors, many of whom I now hire as subcontractors to fill my orders.  

During the COVID-19 crisis, I had to make huge financial sacrifices to save the jobs of my 30 employees and my subcontractors. Thanks to the COVID-19 Enterprise Recovery Fund, established by the U.S. government as part of its USAID Tunisia JOBS program, I was able to expand my team and work premises. This enabled me to better manage my work, suppliers and staff.  

Walid Nacef - La Carthaginoise 


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